We had started as freelancers, but soon have realised that by working as a team, we could achieve much bigger things.

Our first project together had been to create the previous iSTYLE website. It had been done under the name ‘Pandastic’.

At that time, Peter had been working as an Apple Reseller at iJoe. He had thought that no website should be made that would not be able to work on his (then only first gen) iPhone.

A few months later, a client had just flew in to the shop, and he had offered Barna and Peter a project in the product insurance field. They then had realised the iPhone was going to change the mobile scene, and would change everything we knew about the Internet.

This approach was so on point that in the following years, we’ve made all our projects with that idea in mind.

Around this time, Dani joined our team. He had been working with us alongside his Philosophy major studies already. He was the first to join our team who wasn’t a programmer. He had helped us a lot in a lot of non-coding tasks and his non-coder approach to this field.

At the end of that same year, things had been going so well that we quit our main jobs, left our studies, and founded kuix on 4th December, 2012.

We had improved tremendously in those following months, and soon – growing out of our garages – we were able to move into a new office.

Working on diverse projects...

We had successfully rebranded Hungary’s leading online experience gift store with the help of great colleagues like Zoli Hosszú and Laci Naske. We had introduced the so called „baked tea” to the Hungarian market. We had worked with big banks, marketing agencies and sports teams; and between all that, we had been busy Skypeing with our Swedish, German and American clients.

We had been working with Ingatlan.com, and had been on the speed dials of the top local digital agencies. Over the years, we had been working for Big Fish and Progressive, among others. Also, for a short period, we’ve joined the ranks of Mito.

This close cooperation was convenient for many reasons. For once, we had been lucky to work on projects that were out of our league as a company, based on our numbers. And secondly, we had been lucky to meet many talented colleagues, and we have learnt from them a lot.

We had the chance to work on a well-known airline’s complete website rework, thus gained invaluable experience in designing and maintaining enterprise-level digital platforms.

It was inevitable, that we had to grow in numbers...

But how? We were insisting on bringing in the best talents to the team for every project. We had been working with a lot of people, but most of the time, only on project terms, so we couldn’t hire them all full-time. Working with the same „pool” of freelancers had been the ideal way for us to operate, and we didn’t want to limit ourselves for just a few colleagues.

The solution was to try to hold this professional community together somehow – if not necessarily putting them in an office all the time.

In the last few years we have been organising community events and went to many conferences. And in 2017, we moved into our current office at Erzsébet Square, next to the Budapest Eye (to have The One Eye watching us – didn’t work for the people of Middle Earth, but it works for us).

Nowadays we make web applications, mobile apps, and follow the blooming specialty coffee trends in Budapest – while working on our internal love projects as well.

Want to be a part of this?

Good! We would be happy if you visited us. Let’s talk! The story doesn’t finish here…

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